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Documents you will need to bring:

If you have multiple licences you should use the licence from where you currently reside.

UK Driving Licence Holders:

  • Your Photo Card Driving Licence (If you hold a paper only type licence we will also need your passport).

 • One recent bill showing your address (less than 3 months old, if this address is different to the licence address this is still acceptable).

 - Your own PHYSICAL Credit or Debit Card as required ID.

 • We will need to do an online DVLA licence check for you.
For this, we need - Your National Insurance number & Driving License number or if you prefer you can obtain a Check Code from the DVLA (These are only valid for 21 days so should be obtained within 21 days of rental).

To obtain a Check Code or if you wish to log on to check your details are correct visit https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number. If you receive an error message you will need to call the DVLA on 0300 083 0013 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm & Saturday 8am to 2pm) and provide us with the code. Please note a code is only valid once and for 21 days. We do this in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure you will be covered by our insurance. If we are unable to obtain a check code, the rental is not able to go ahead and a one day cancellation fee will apply.

NON UK Driving Licence Holders:

Please bring your Driving Licence, Passport and your Physical credit or Debit Card. If you reside in the UK we will also need a proof of address (a bill or statement showing your address (less than 3 months old).

General Information & Conditions

Additional Drivers: One driver is included in the rental rates. There can be a maximum of two total drivers per vehicle. An additional driver adds a £15 cost to the rental which covers them for the first week (7days) of hire, additional weeks are then £10 per week or partial week. We need to see any additional driver with their appropriate documents before they drive. If you are requesting a booking online, please mention that you need an additional driver in the comments so we can respond with the relevant questions..

Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa & Visa Debit (Not Amex). We take full payment for the rental on collection and take an imprint of the card for the insurance excess. We reserve the right to charge the full excess deposit on collection along with the rental - the deposit would then be returned at the end of the hire assuming there are no deductions.

Age RestrictionsDrivers should be aged 25-75 to be able to be covered by our insurance. All drivers must have held a license for at least 2 years and driven regularly in that period.

Driving OffencesOne or two minor driving offences are permitted in the last 3 years (e.g. 2 x SP30 at 3 penalty points each). If you have any other offences in the last 5 years please make us aware so that we can make sure you can be covered by our insurance prior to your arrival.

Accidents / Insurance claims: One or two accidents or motor claims in the last three years are permitted (fault or non-fault which have gone through an insurance company). If you have had any more than two claims please make us aware, we may still be able to hire to you but we would need to get authorisation from our insurance company. You must make us aware of any criminal convictions (or pending convictions), otherwise the insurance may become invalid.

Weekend Hire - CarsThere is a minimum charge of two days if a car is to be returned between Saturday 10am and Sunday 5pm.

Weekend Hire - VansOne day hires at the weekend are possible.

Collection and Return Timings: A one day rental is 24 hours unless agreed otherwise. The rental starts from the time when the vehicle was booked for or actually collected - whichever is earlier. When returning out of hours the hire will be charged until 5pm on the night before we re-open. This includes returns after 5pm on a Saturday. In this case the hire would be charged until 5pm Sunday. If it is a bank holiday weekend, the hire will be charged until 5pm on the bank holiday Monday.

Returning out of Hours: We have a key drop facility for customers wishing to return a vehicle when we are closed. When returning out of hours the hire will be charged until the night before we re-open @ 5pm, this includes returns after 5pm on a Saturday, so in this case the hire would be charged until 5pm Sunday (assuming the following Monday is a normal working day).

Returning EarlyYou can return a vehicle early but to receive a refund, we require two working days' notice (during normal office hours and excluding Bank Holidays etc). Returning early may affect the rate applicable to your hire so please check with us what refund would be due when giving/prior to giving notice. If you are on a 12 week + rental agreement, the notice period required is one week. For longer term rentals please see your contract or contact us. If there was a booking deposit please also see below.

Pricing and Extensions: The hire can be extended if needed (and is available), the price of extensions vary according to the longest length of hire paid in one instance - it will be calculated on a pro rata basis. i.e. If you took a vehicle for a week, one extra day will be the week price divided by 7.

Booking Cancellations / Amendments: We ask for a minimum of two working days notice to cancel a booking, if less notice is given we will ask for half a days rental of the standard rental charge (to help cover our costs). For cancellations after the hire is due to start we will ask for a 1 day hire charge to help cover the cost of the vehicle standing. For vehicles where we have taken a £100 booking deposit, this is non refundable and non transferable (to a different period or to an alternative vehicle) so the deposit is forfeit. 

Booking Deposits: All booking deposits are non refundable and non transferable. If returning early and requesting a pro rata refund on the remaining rental, the booking deposit is non refundable and the rental rate for the period used would be at the current daily/weekly rental rate for that vehicle (depending on the duration of hire actually used) - the 2 working days notice period would also still be applicable. We would always apply the above rules in the cheapest way we can for the customer.

Travelling Overseas: Unfortunately for now we are not letting any of our vehicles abroad.

Fuel PolicyThe vehicles will have a minimum of 1/4 of a tank of fuel. Customers are asked to return the vehicles with the same amount of fuel in them as when it was taken. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel, then a minimum of a 1/16 of a tank will be charged (and more if appropriate).

Insurance Assuming you have taken our insurance and not provided your own, Fully comprehensive cover is included in the rental for the drivers that are named only. The insurance excess is £500 in the event of a claim/damage to the vehicle (unless you have taken the CDW option in which case the excess is £200). In the event of a theft of the vehicle however the insurance excess is £1000 regardless of the CDW being taken or not. (NB. if the keys were left in the vehicle no insurance is provided at all and the hirer would be held liable for the full cost of the vehicle).

Unpaid parking and congestion chargingPlease be aware any unpaid parking, congestion charge, bus lane or other offences will incur a £15 administration fee.

Customers choosing to swap during hireIf available this is allowed, there is a £40 admin / valet charge inclusive of VAT. The charging structure will remain the same.


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